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Moving in space, grounding the body and connecting to Mother earth. I'm interested in the female energy, not gender, but energy, and it's connection to earth. Through the praxis of the shaman, stories have been passed down through time in cultures of original people living close with nature. I believe they behold a knowledge of the female energy and a connection to earth and the life - death cycle. I believe our modern society is craving this connection. It is a connection we cannot proof with science, but exists in our intuition and nature. It is caring for the earth and it's beings, and respecting sensitivity and the beauty that lies within it. With my shaman drum and improvised rhythms, I try to connect with this energy, creating a time and space for being present and healing. My art is an investigation into this connection

Story 2, Carlsbergbyen

Story 2,Kulturtårnet, Knippelsbro

Photo: Rune Buchdal Nielsen

Story, Dekalb Gallery, Brooklyn 

Photo: Chenchi Li

S t o r y  2,  C a r l s b e r g  B y e n s   G a l l e r i,  K ø b e n h a v n


Video: Jesper Dalmose

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