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I work with site-specific installations, taking in the specific architecture of the site and the surrounding life and atmosphere. Focusing on capturing the nature of the unconsciousness in our dialogue with the site, and confronting Modern life and our unconscious relationship with our surroundings. My visual inspiration is connected to the theatre and the way scenography works in space, and the history of conceptual art and performance. Using simple materials to create a world of nature and sensoric experience, in contrast to Modern life and the increasing effective technological reality of the world today.

"Leaves" - handmade and handpainted clay leaves, made to be walked on and slowly be turned into dust. 

"The walk" - stairs filled with dirt, grass, coconut fabric, paintings and more. Feet meeting the ground giving a sensoric experience through the body.

'Blackbox'- square room painted in matte black paint pointing to the black color in the the theatre. Shoelaces hanging from the ceiling pointing to the playwriter Sarah Kane and her suicide in 1999

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